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envelope - mobile website

A mobile website is a website, which can be adapted precisely to any mobile terminal device. The website, products, photos and videos are displayed in a well laid-out manner and such that they can be read easily.

Different design variants to choose from with the help of the base layout


The advantages of an envelope-mobile website:

  1. Optimised for all mobile terminal devices

    Text, photos, photo galleries and video clips are adapted automatically to the respective device, such that the displays are always well laid out and easy to read.
  2. Everything at a glance

    The most important contents can be perceived at the first glance (horizontal scrolling or zooming is omitted).
  3. Only important contents

    The contents of mobile websites is limited to what is important such as, for example, to offers, products, working hours or the unique selling point (USP) of the services.
  4. Contact details

    Potential customs can call up, write an e-mail or plan the route to your company with only a single click.