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HEROLD, Austria

HEROLD is far more than a telephone index. Established in 1919 as a family-run company, it developed into an internationally acclaimed specialist for information on companies and organisations. With products such as online and mobile, as well as the yellow pages print, the HEROLD consumers are in a position to make competent purchase decisions. HEROLD opens up efficient and measurable options for companies to acquire new customers. Apart from the classical HEROLD products, the range of products, among others, includes websites, online & search engine marketing, dialogue marketing and much more. /


InstaWeb, Chile

InstaWeb in Santiago, Chile is a specialist for creating website and advertising campaigns with Google Adwords, the advertising system of the Internet enterprise Google Inc. Websites for the best advertisement with Google Adwords - this is how easily the service provided by InstaWeb can be described. InstaWeb improves the presence of online customers and uses their sales opportunities in the Internet. InstaWeb presents Adwords on Google by targeted advertisement orientation. With "Search Engine Optimisation" InstaWeb optimises online appearances in such a manner that websites are placed at the top of search results in Google. InstaWeb has the best know-how in the segment of web advertising campaigns.



NEWSPHONE HELLAS was established in 1995 in Athens, Greece. NEWSPHONE HELLAS stands for specialisation, know-how and the most modern technology in the field of fixed-line networks, mobile telephony and Internet. Continuous development and innovative products and services are the factors that enhance the competitive edge enjoyed by NEWSPHONE in the market. With the initial public offering (IPO) in 2003 in Athens, the company developed standardised information systems and electronic Government services - and as a reliable and modern provider offers innovative communication, and also a national telephone information service since 2005.



Resource Mediators, having its registered office in Scandinavia and Austria, is a company that was established by the proprietors and private capital investors. The company has significant virtual infrastructure such as, for example, servers and storage capacities that provide the best safety and corporate security to companies. Products such as "Safe Data Harbour" (SDH), a business backup for commercial applications, "Cover CMS" and "Mediator" provide a web-based application and Cloud-based backup of corporate data. Resource Mediators stands for enormous know-how and in-house development, as well as adaptation of Cloud business applications.